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  • Love Yourself

    It may be cold outside, but things are about to get steamy. We have been blessed this winter with relatively little snow and some rather mild days. However, it still gets chilly out there as the sun sets and it’s difficult to deny that hibernating urge that starts to rumble within. Your body wants to […]

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  • Art Sucks

    Simona Presutto, Howl Contributor Photography by Max Oppenheim/Getty You know, the more you stare at the stark white of a blank document, the more accusing the even beat of a flashing cursor looks. Let me phrase this in a way that doesn’t implicate me as a nauseatingly pretentious English major: Art sucks. Painting sucks. Acting sucks. […]

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  • The Big L O V E

    Photography by Erin J Coholan

    Chantel Ouellet, Howl Contributor Photography by Erin J Coholan  As she sat down, a cloud of papers, granola bar wrappers and coffee cups came with her. It was mind-blowing how such an organized girl could be such a mess. Her blonde hair hung down her back and brushed the top of the chair as she […]

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  • Movie Review: La Haine

    Kassovitz gives us a raw portrayal of the essence of the street: kids gathered on roof tops cooking hot dogs and smoking joints, break dancing in project hall ways, we even see Hubert playfully bounce a syringe between his shoes. However, the ethereal and candid nature of hood life that Kassovitz’ gives us access to is ephemeral, as Said and his friends are harassed by the police more times than I can count